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We’re leading the way
 in on-farm diagnostics.

We are an emerging technology company poised for growth in a time of increased transparency in food animal production. Our products provide a rapid diagnosis for each animal that precisely identifies infections and provides records to support treatment decisions, helping to preserve long-term access to these intervention technologies.

Our Mission.

We provide livestock producers with diagnostic products that improve profitability and empower more precise care of animals so they live healthier, more productive lives.


Diagnostics is in our pedigree.

AAD founders bring decades of experience developing human diagnostic devices to the burgeoning area of animal care. Similar to point-of-care testing administered by physicians at or near the site of the patient, our diagnostics provide rapid, accurate results that improve care onsite.

News that counts.

“Seeing the Proof” 
Dr. Mitch Hockett’s first encounter with QScout MLD

“When I saw how I could implement QScout MLD on my own cows, it became exciting to talk with other producers, too,” he says. “At AAD, we really want to see producers be successful. QScout generates the data needed to make informed, profitable management decisions.”

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The science of disease detection, simplified.


No more waiting for hours or days for central lab results. No more human error. Our lab-quality test results are objective and clear, and allow caretakers to make decisions with confidence.

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