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QScout MLD measures the cow‘s immune response

QScout MLD (milk leukocyte differential) test identifies and differentiates leukocytes, or white blood cells, in milk. QScout Farm Lab reads the test, looking for elevated cell types and cell type ratios that indicate infection to calculate an accurate, quarter-level diagnosis.

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What is Subclinical Mastitis?

Subclinical mastitis infections are those that don’t cause any visible changes in milk or udder appearance. These infections reduce milk production, decrease milk quality, and suppress reproductive performance. The estimated loss in milk production due to subclinical mastitis is more than 1,500 pounds per cow.

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Designed to fit into your workflow.

This powerful diagnostic test is easy to use and simple to implement on your dairy with existing staff and resources.

Provides real-time data you can act on.

QScout Farm Lab displays a positive or negative diagnosis in minutes per cow. Results can be viewed on-screen, saved to a jump drive or printed to guide your dairy’s protocols.

Test data seamlessly transfer to a secure QStats account, allowing you to evaluate total udder health and make management decisions.

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