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Gain up to $242 per cow.

The cost of subclinical mastitis is staggering. It’s a serious health condition responsible for more than 1,500 pounds of lost milk production per cow, according to a recent study.   In our trials,  cows diagnosed early and given follow-up treatment showed numerous advantages compared to a no-treatment group – adding up to a $242 economic gain:

  • 1,325 lbs more milk per cow at 305 days mature equivalent

  • 115,000 fewer somatic cells/ml across the lactation

  • 18% fewer services per conception and 14 fewer days open



News that counts.

What is Subclinical Mastitis?

Subclinical mastitis infections are those that don’t cause any visible changes in milk or udder appearance. These infections reduce milk production, decrease milk quality, and suppress reproductive performance. The estimated loss in milk production due to subclinical mastitis is more than 1,500 pounds per cow.

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“Subclinical mastitis 
is probably every farm’s 
biggest opportunity.
For us, it was 1,800 pounds of milk per cow”

John Freund of Son-Bow Farms gained 1,800 lbs of milk per cow among his first-calf heifers through early, accurate detection of subclinical mastitis. With the rapid, on-farm diagnosis provided by QScout® MLD test, Son-Bow treated infected animals and experienced nearly a 4:1 return.

Start maximizing production.

With the rapid, on-farm QScout MLD test, producers can monitor cows, take action when required and ensure peak performance throughout the lactation.

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